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Career Pathway Design + Coaching for students

This service includes the use of data, insights, resources and support from a coach to help you explore and forge a meaningful career.  

It’s great if you are:

  • A parent or guardian who would like tailored career guidance for your childs’ circumstances and personality
  • Looking for a different approach to learning after secondary school
  • Considering further education (tertiary or vocational) and not sure about what to pursue
  • Trying to figure out how personal interests translate to a meaningful career
  • Looking for career clarity and improving post-study career outcomes
  • Full of ideas and would benefit from constructive feedback and support to take action

What is included?

This service is broken into two parts – completing an assessment and collaborating with a career coach who will use design thinking to help you shape your career plan.

Part 1 – Online Career Assessment 

  • Strong Interest Inventory assessment: a method for matching your interests with opportunities for jobs and learning programs.
  • Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report: A 19-page report rich with data and insights about your interests and possible career options to explore. Treat it as a starting point for career-related discussions and for shaping your career path.

Part 2 –  Consultation and Coaching Sessions (120 minutes) 2 x one-hour session with a dedicated coach who uses design thinking to help you plot and build your path forward. 

  • Discover career options made available through your Strong Interest report that takes into account your purpose, interests and personality
  • Brainstorm career pathways worth exploring
  • Identify career pathway prototypes to test and learn from
  • Reference relevant data and career trend insights
  • Co-design an action plan that you can adapt and shape over time
  • Consultation with parents/guardian
  • For tertiary and vocational students – co-develop a plan to help them navigate the transition from study to employment + discuss potential career barriers and strategies to manage them
* Request a sample Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive report

Your Sample Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive report.




    • Reveals career options that align to your personality, interests, work style and orientation to risk-taking.
    • Allows you to make informed career choices.
    • Getting real about potential career barriers and strategies to manage them.

    Your investment:

    $480.00 + GST

    Please note:

    *   The O*NET website in the sample report has information that’s relevant to those who live in the USA. Labour market data will vary by location.

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