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About knext

Our Story

knext (pronounced as “next”) is a certified social enterprise created to help people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, including people of colour, achieve long-term success in the world of work. 

knext was born out of the lack of personalised career development solutions that help people of colour navigate their careers in a meaningful way and accumulate long-term career capital.

knext is about forging, not finding, a career path. We do this by co-designing a plan around who you are; then empowering you with information, tools and support to design a sustainable career that we hope will serve you, your community, your country and the world – today and into the future.

The result is an adaptable career roadmap that aligns to your circumstances, natural abilities, personality, strengths and interests.

Whether you are kicking off your career, wanting a career change, not sure about what to do, feeling stuck, or would like some guidance on further studies, we’ve got you covered.



knext Founder & Director

Meet Tinai Colawai

Tinai progressed her 15+ years Human Resources career across the Pacific, Asia and Australia by putting in the work. She combines her lived experience as a woman of colour, design thinking, data, organisational development , strategic HR experience and a well-worn passport to bring effective career development solutions to people of colour.

Based in Melbourne, she helps people find the confidence and life design resources to take action and launch (or re-launch) meaningful careers.

Relevant professional credentials:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development (in progress)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Management & Finance)
  • Designing Your Life Coach (Stanford University course)
  • Morrisby Practitioner
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator practitioner
  • Strong Interest Inventory practitioner
  • Associate member of Career Development Association Australia (CDAA)
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About - Tinai

Success matters when it’s shared.

Our paths couldn’t be more different but they share one truth: our successes are best shared. knext offers that platform, with social impact partners, to tackle inequity together.