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Our Impact


Getting Inequity to Slow Its Roll

Economic inequity has been growing for more than 70% of the world’s population and all the recent pandemic has done is press fast-forward. 2020 saw the global working hours drop by nearly a fifth. CALD people including people of colour are already at a disadvantage, so we’re here to help level the playing field.

What We’re Doing

Our mission is to reduce inequities faced by CALD people, including people of colour, through job creation, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We donate 20% of profits to impact partners who share our mission.

We partner with social enterprises and organisations with a proven record of delivering programs to CALD people, people of colour and local communities.

Meet our partners

We partner with SisterWorks, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit social enterprise that helps women refugees, asylum seekers or migrants empower themselves through employment and entrepreneurship.

Sisterworks logo – a partner organisation impacting the lives of women for the better
A large group of women smiling at camera who are part of Sisterworks, an organisation that also makes an impact on women's lives.

Young Change Agents is a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to help young people see problems as opportunities through entrepreneurship. We see young people as changemakers and leaders and believe that youth-led initiatives provide young people with the opportunity to exercise leadership, build their skills and work effectively with others. Young Change Agents run programs for youth across Australia, with a focus on Melbourne and Victoria. They have a strong record running programs with youth from disadvantaged and diverse communities, including those with migrant backgrounds, women, and Indigenous youth.

Young change agents
A large Youth Group including many CALD participants, and many wearing Youth Change Agents T-shirts