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Career Changers

Effective career development

Unless you work for a leader who is interested and invested in developing your career, you will be expected to manage it on your own.

The truth is, most organisations invest heavily in the career development of 10-20% of their workforce. Everyone else will have to rely on their leader (sometimes a crappy one) and general career development tools designed for the masses.

At knext, we work with clients who want to proactively manage their career. We provide career development solutions that will enable them to take charge of their career, navigate career barriers and accumulate career capital that they can leverage throughout their life.

All solutions are backed by 100% money back guarantee. 




Career Shift

We guide you on how to make that career shift, including strategies that will help you manage career barriers often faced by people of colour.

What’s included   

  • Examine your career goals and challenges
  • Coaching and guidance on how to successfully achieve career growth
  • Identifying strategies to effectively navigate career barriers
  • Job application and behavioural interview tips and strategies
  • Lifetime access to your career growth action plan and online career profile

Suitable for

  • Individuals who have an idea about their goals and are seeking that next opportunity within or beyond their current organisation
  • Mid-career individuals who prefer making low-risk career changes

Payment plans available at check-out. 

Your investment: AUD260 + GST for 90 minutes (face to face or virtual)

Career Transformation

Long-term career success and effective career changes don’t happen overnight.

Apart from looking at how to effectively change career direction, we help you understand how cyclical HR processes such as performance evaluation, succession planning and remuneration review actually works. By understanding these HR processes, you will be in a position to make informed career development decisions.

We also explore the use of fit-for-purpose psychometric tools and resources that enhance personal effectiveness and accelerate career growth for long-term success.

Packages on offer  

Book a free enquiry call or contact us to find out which package will suit you. Payment plans are available.

  • Reignite: Ideal for those who would like some help developing and achieving short to medium term career goals
  • Reframe: Great for those who want to enhance their personal effectiveness and are serious about building career capital
  • Reinvent: Designed for those who would like to change career direction for long-term career success

All packages include a complimentary lifetime career online profile. 

Book a free enquiry call or contact us for more details about the packages on offer.


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